4 audio books to savor this fall

Looking for an intriguing audio book as the weather turns chilly? Here are some high-caliber mysteries.

2. 'Tamarack County,' by William Kent Krueger


Read by David Chandler

Recorded Books, available as a library edition, or as a rental from www.recordedbooks.com, or as a download from www.audible.com; 9 CDS

The  13th in a series featuring Cork O’Connor, a former sheriff and current investigator in Tamarack County, Minnesota, this novel does a decent job as a stand-alone mystery because Krueger gives us backstory and old histories in a fluid manner.

O'Connor is an intriguing ethnic mixture of Ojibwe and Irish, which realistically reflects the mixed heritage so often found in northern Minnesota. A single dad whose children become embroiled in this gripping story of murder and revenge, O’Connor uses both his smarts and his spirituality to find the truth in a dark and ugly series of crimes. Chandler has a commanding manner and a slightly raspy, deep voice that easily carries this story. Instead of employing different accents or vocal personalities, he successfully changes his tone and pacing for different characters.  Grade: B+

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