'Of Dice and Men': 6 stories from the world of Dungeons & Dragons

In his new book 'Of Dice and Men,' David M. Ewalt explores the world of fantasy role-playing games and the people who love them. Here are some of his stories.

2. Two styles of playing


Phil and Alex, two of the men who play D&D with Ewalt, approach the game differently, explains Ewalt. Phil has worked as a performer on a cruise ship and at a Disney store and now he's creating his own stage show, so he loves the parts of the game where he gets to act things out – like trying to convince a guard to let him go free or negotiating prices with a merchant. "For players like Phil, this is the best part of the game," Ewalt writes. Alex, on the other hand, is a graphic designer who prefers the combat parts of the game. When Phil's attempts to distract enemies take too long, Alex loses patience. "I draw my swords," he declares.

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