'Among the Janeites': 6 stories from the realm of intense Jane Austen fandom

Deborah Yaffe wondered why Jane Austen inspires such intense fandom. Here's some of what she found.

2. Dressing the part


Yaffe met Baronda Bradley, who has become famous at the annual conference held by the Jane Austen Society of North America. Dubbed "Baronda of the two thousand dresses," fans now anticipate seeing what incredibly detailed and beautifully made dress Bradley will wear to the event that year. Bradley said she dons Austen-era clothing from the moment she leaves the house to go to the event till her return home and that she enjoys the attention she gets walking to a flight wearing a floor-length Regency gown. "I'm no longer the usual mom, out there playing soccer or being graceless," Bradley said of the appeal of dressing up.

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