10 best books of August: the Monitor's picks

Here are the 10 titles the Monitor's book critics are recommending this month.

2. "The Big Disconnect," by Catherine Steiner-Adair


"Do your kids a favor and read this important book," writes Monitor book critic Elizabeth Brown about The Big Disconnect by Catherine Steiner-Adair. Steiner-Adair, a Boston-area clinical psychologist, media consultant, and former high-school counselor, draws from myriad real-life examples to show how technology, in the absence of parental oversight, has the power to disrupt and even debilitate our children’s lives. Think your child is somehow protected? In clear, gentle prose, Steiner-Adair firmly shoots down every excuse parents give for not needing to stay attentive to their child’s screen lives. You can read the Monitor's full review of "The Big Disconnect" here.

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