5 books to take you to the heart of contemporary Europe

Traveling to Europe this summer? You can be. New York's Idlewild Books carries guides, memoirs, and fiction titles aimed at transporting readers to all the far reaches of the globe. So what do the experts at Idlewild pick up when they are looking for a book evocative of Europe? Here are five titles on Europe especially recommended by the Idlewild staff. 

1. "Paris: The Novel," by Edward Rutherfurd

If you’ve been looking for a big, huge, multi-generational epic set in a gorgeous European city in which to lose yourself this summer – look no further. Bestselling author Edward Rutherfurd (author of “New York: The Novel,” “London: The Novel,” and “Russka: The Novel of Russia”) is back, this time training his literary sights on the City of Light. Focusing on the noble family de Cygne, Rutherfurd sweeps his story from the Belle Époque back to the 13th century and then ahead again as far as 1968. Blending history, culture, and family drama, Rutherfurd has created the literary equivalent of an overstuffed mille-feuille. Best consumed while on vacation. 

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