Mark Twain: 10 letters from his readers

They were sweet, they were grateful, they were entertained, they were downright mercenary. The many fans of American literary legend Mark Twain ran the gamut – and so did their fan letters. Throughout the years, Twain saved a large number of the letters his readers wrote him and now Mark Twain scholar R. Kent Rasmussen has assembled 200 of these in "Dear Mark Twain: Letters from his Readers." Here are a sampling of ten.

1. Thanks for the laughs

Mark Twain,

 Sir. I have just been reading Your "Roughing it," And I have laught untill the tears run down my cheeks at your confounded Oddities and lies. Beemis'es adventures with his Buffalo bull, fir-instance And Jim Blaines story of the Old ram Oh! get out, its enough to make a monkey laugh–

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