Robert Frost: 10 quotes on his birthday

Robert Frost won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry four times in his lifetime. He published his first poem in 1894 at the age of 21, for $15 (the equivalent of around $400 dollars today). He strived to embody the voice of the colloquial man, and most all of his poetry focuses on the Northeastern states of the US. He was the inaugural poet for John F. Kennedy, and an American icon in his own right. His poetry today is taught in schools, and it's safe to say that "The Road not Taken" is one of the most popular American poems of all time. Here are 10 quotes from this monolith of modern American poetry.

1. Free Verse

Eric Shaal/Time Life Pictures

ā€œIā€™d as soon write free verse as play tennis with the net down.ā€

- Edward Lathern Interviews with Robert Frost

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