Les Misérables' Victor Hugo: 10 quotes on his birthday

In France, Victor Hugo is today most cherished as a poet. But in the English-speaking world of 2013, he is certainly best known as the author of 'Les Misérables' – the novel from Tom Hooper's Oscar-winning 2012 film was adapted. A political firebrand in his time, Hugo left France in 1852 (after Napoleon III's coup), landing on the island of Guernesy in 1855 and remaining there for almost 20 years. He finally returned to his homeland in 1870. He was welcomed as a hero. For the next 15 years, Hugo continued to champion the rights of the downtrodden in society – even requesting that he be buried in a pauper's coffin. This request was granted, though he was also given a national funeral and buried as a hero in the Pantheon. 

1. What fame brings

Fame must have enemies, as light must have gnats.

From Villemain

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