23 of the best new and upcoming cookbooks/food books for the holidays

A list of the best new and upcoming cookbooks to diversify your own culinary repertoire or offer as holiday gifts.

3. 'Burma: Rivers of Flavor', by Naomi Duguid


Though Thai restaurants and cookbooks are plentiful, the cuisine of bordering Burma has had far less exposure in US culture. Unless you’ve traveled to the country or know a Burmese cook, it’s likely that you’ve never had a chance to try Burmese food, and that is a shame because it’s among the most nuanced and interesting cuisine in Southeast Asia. "Burma: Rivers of Flavor" is the first comprehensive Burmese cookbook published in the United States, and it couldn’t have come out too soon. Because Burma is a “crossroads country,” you’ll find influences from India and China in these pages, as well as Thailand and other Southeast Asian cultures. The recipes are great for home cooks: easy to follow, hard to mess up, and comprised of affordable, easy-to-find ingredients

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