'Heads in Beds': 6 crazy stories about working at a hotel

In "Heads in Beds," former hotel worker Jacob Tomsky reveals what really happens behind the scenes and offers suggestions as to how to ensure good service the next time you are a guest in a hotel.

2. Front desk strategy


Tomsky says he quickly started to use a series of strategies to deal with touchy customers. "I learned mind control, how to persuade guests they want something other than what they booked," he wrote. "You demand a king bed? But are you sure you don't want double beds (BARTER)? I only offer because double-bed rooms are larger, more square footage (LIE), and you can use the second bed to spread out your clothes (FINESSE) or use it to relax on and still have a fresh bed to craw into (CONVINCE). I'm glad I have a double-bed room for you too, sir (SMILE). It was absolutely my pleasure (LIE AGAIN). Enjoy your stay (SMILE AGAIN)."

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