Bram Stoker books: 9 things you didn't know about the 'Dracula' author

Bram Stoker is the godfather of the vampire craze, but the writer is often a mystery to modern readers. Here are 9 facts you probably don't know about the author.

2. Stoker’s admiration of Walt Whitman blossomed into a lifelong friendship


When he was 22, Stoker read “Leaves of Grass,” Whitman’s poetry collection that would change the young novelist’s life. So enthralled with the American poet was he that Stoker penned a nearly 2,000-word letter to Whitman describing himself and pouring out his love for the poet and his works.

“I have to thank you for many happy hours, for I have read your poems with my door locked late at night, and I have read them on the seashore where I could look all round me and see no more sign of human life than the ships out at sea: and here I often found myself waking up from a reverie with the book lying open before me,” he wrote.

He closed, “I have been more candid with you – have said more about myself to you than I have ever said to any one before.”

That letter began a surprising literary friendship that lasted until Whitman’s death.

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