'Moranthology': 6 stories from UK writing star Caitlin Moran

Following up on the success of her book 'How to be a Woman,' here are 6 stories from Caitlin Moran's new collection 'Moranthology.'

2. Interviewing the prime minister

Former prime minister Gordon Brown Efrem Lukatsky/AP

Moran planned to leave an hour early and take the subway when she went to interview then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Because of a problem with the printer at her office, she ended up missing the train she planned to take and called a cab, then waited. "Already, it's very, very clear that when the controller said, 'Yes – we have cars free!' what he meant was, 'Yes – we have cars free! Free to do whatever they like! Play in the sun; drive round and round the park really slowly. Sit and enjoy the sheer joy of North London," she wrote. The cab finally arrived. "[The driver] is the man who will cause my death when he says, 'I don't know where Downing Street is,'" Moran wrote. "This is, I admit, difficult information for me to process. On the one hand, I am alarmed that the cab driver doesn't know where 10 Downing Street – one of the most famous addresses in the world – is. On the other hand, I don't either, really. Is it quite near the Strand?"

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