15 must-read books about K-12 education in the US

Confused by the rhetoric? Here are 15 books to help you understand public education in the US today.

7. 'Catching Up or Leading the Way: American Education in the Age of Globalization,' by Yong Zhao


Recent economic troubles in the US have fed into a great deal of fear about China as an emerging superpower. And the high test scores Chinese students have been getting on standardized tests are especially alarming to policy-makers. In this book, Yong Zhao – a product of the Chinese public school system who once taught in it as well – shines a critical light on the ways in which these anxieties are affecting American schools. In this sobering account, the author argues that the Chinese system is a perilous model for the US since American schools aim to shape students into productive members of society capable of democratic self-governance, and not pliant workers in an autocratic state.

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