JFK White House recordings: 8 excerpts from the new book

Excerpts from some of the secret recordings made in the JFK White House are revealed in the new book 'Listening In.'

3. Louis Harris and race relations


On August 23, 1963, five days before the March on Washington in which Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have A Dream" speech, presidential pollster Louis Harris called the president about a poll he was going to conduct. "We are going to get a full read on the whites, on this whole Negro thing, that's something people want very strongly," Harris said. "I have the impression this thing's cooled off a bit, but I may be wrong," Kennedy replied. "Well, I think we will find that out," Harris told him. "We're also going to do a before and after on this March on Washington thing. A lot of people say.... But unless something will take place, I'm not sure it will have that much effect one way or the other."

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