Homeschooling: 5 stories from a mother who tried it

From Quinn Cummings' book 'The Year of Learning Dangerously,' 5 stories from a mother trying to homeschool her kids for the first time.

2. After two months of homeschooling

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Cummings said she was happy with some aspects of Alice's progress a couple of months into the start of homeschooling and less than pleased with others. "On the plus side, our house was less stressful," she wrote. "If for no other reason than the elimination of the daily 'GET IN THE CAR RIGHT NOW YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL HERE TAKE THIS WASHCLOTH AND WASH YOUR FACE IN THE REARVIEW MIRROR AT STOPLIGHTS!' ceremony. Just as I'd intended, my daughter was getting the opportunity to explore interests for as long as she saw fit." But then one day, Alice came up to her with a "mistake" in a book. "'It says the country of Portugal! They think Portugal is a country!' she added, and cackled in delight. I asked carefully, 'When, in fact, it's a....?' 'State in Italy!' she hooted." Cummings says she was struck with anxiety, writing, "Was her future being compromised by a parent/teacher who wasn't completely certain what Italy had in place of states?"

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