10 books to read after the 'Hunger Games' trilogy

So you are officially addicted to the "Hunger Games" trilogy. Now what? Check out this list of 10 recommended reads to ease your withdrawal.

3. "Delirium," by Lauren Oliver


A similar novel to "Matched," "Delirium" follows a heroine who is paired with her future partner, only to fall in love with someone else. But the stakes are raised in this dystopian society. The government runs an operation that surgically removes the section of the brain responsible for falling in love, and requires that all its citizens have this operation when they turn 18, thus turning everyone into perfect citizens who willingly accept the laws that they are told are for their own benefit. Ninety-five days before her scheduled operation, Lena Holoway, who had eagerly anticipated the day when she would no longer suffer the pain of love, falls in love and suddenly she is not so sure she wants to give it up. She and her new love, Alex, decide to escape their society and make out for the "Wilds." But as we all know, dystopian societies do not take free thinkers lightly.  

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