Amy Winehouse: 6 stories from 'Amy, My Daughter' by Mitch Winehouse

Singer Amy Winehouse's father shares memories in his new book "Amy, My Daughter."

2. An early endorsement

Joel Ryan/AP

When she was a teenager, Amy Winehouse began singing at the Cobden Club, a venue located in the western area of London. The heat was usually intense in the club, Winehouse wrote, and it was especially so one night in 2002 when he had stopped in to see Amy. "I couldn't stand it any longer and was about to leave when I saw Annie Lennox walk in to listen to Amy," he wrote. "We started talking and she said, 'Your daughter's going to be great, a big star.'" When Amy was done singing, Winehouse introduced the two. "I saw for the first time how natural she was around a big star," he wrote. "It's as if she's already fitting in, I thought."

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