'Dan Gets A Minivan': 6 stories about the transition to family man

"How it all changed is a bit of a blur," author Dan Zevin writes of his move from hip single guy to minivan-owning dad in his new book "Dan Gets a Minivan." A marriage, two children, and a dog later, Zevin was the newest parent and bona fide adult to make the purchase of the vehicle with "captain's seats" (two separate seats in the middle row that ensured no "he's on my side" arguments would break out) and many cup holders. Here are 6 stories from Zevin on his new lifestyle and the misadventures along the way.

1. Destinations of a minivan

Christopher Barth/Scribner/AP

Zevin says he's enamored of his new vehicle. "Friends and family share special times in the collapsible third row of seats," he wrote. "Seriously, it's like a living room back there, only better because everyone gets their own air vent and cup holder. Why don't you stop by some time so I can show you around? I can't wait to see your reaction when I reveal the secret fold-out compartment under [son] Leo's seat. It happens to safeguard the finest pretzel rods money can buy. They're from Costco, just one of the far-flung destinations my minivan has led me to lately. She's taken places I never dreamed I would go, from the Brooklyn Children's Museum to the Staten Island Children's Museum to the Children's Museum of Manhattan."

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