7 excerpts from 'Barack Obama: The Story'

7 stories biographer David Maraniss presented in his new book "Barack Obama: The Story."

3. Ann and Barack Jr. leave Hawaii


Maraniss notes that Dunham and the young Barack Obama left Hawaii a year before Barack Obama, Sr. departed the area. It is unclear why Dunham left, taking the couple's son with her, but Maraniss presents two theories. One is that the fact that Obama's father still had a wife in Africa was too much for Dunham. "She was married to a bigamist, and the probability is that around the time of Barry's birth the lie burdened the relationship so much that she had to flee from under its weight," Maraniss wrote. The other possibility is that Obama's father was physically abusive towards Dunham. Though Maraniss admits that there is no direct evidence of this, he points to Barack Obama, Sr.'s physical abuse of the woman he married after Dunham. "This does not mean that he abused Ann, but it leads to that possibility," the author writes.

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