Father's Day: 7 comic hardcovers for Dad

As a father and a comic book/comic strip fan, there is nothing I enjoy more than receiving a nice hardcover collection of my favorite comics. If you have a dad who is also a comic book fan, here are seven top gift suggestions.

1. 'Justice League Vol. 1: Origin'

There was lots of hype last year as DC Comics re-launched its entire line of comic books under the banner "The New 52." This spring, DC has begun to collect the first 6 issues of these comics and release them as hardcover collections. "Justice League Vol. 1: Origin" contains exactly what the title promises: the story of the origin of the all-new DC Comics premiere super team. Batman, Green Lantern, Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are joined by a revamped Cyborg to set aside their differences to defend the Earth against the evil Darkseid. Writer Geoff Johns creates some great banter, while Jim Lee supplies the art-packed art.

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