10 cars that tell the story of America

In 'Engines of Change,' journalist and car expert Paul Ingrassia offers a look at American history through some of its most indelible products: its cars. From the VW Beetle to the Honda Accord, Ingrassia shows how each car reflected the culture and a moment in time for the country. Here are 10 of the automobiles.

1. The Model T

A 1915 Model T Skip Peterson/AP

Because the Model T, which Ingrassia says hit its peak from 1908 to 1927, was so affordable, the everyman could afford it and those who lived in previously remote farming areas could suddenly easily access other parts of the country. "Yea, Henry [Ford] begat the Model T which begat mass production which begat the $5 day," Ingrassia wrote of the Model T's creation. "And verily, those begat the middle class, the suburbs, shopping malls, McDonald's, Taco Bell, drive-through banking, and other things beloved of the modern-day philistine." Ford's working regulations for his factories, which included scaling hours down to eight rather than nine and giving salaries of $5 an hour to anyone over 22, also proved to have a huge impact on working America.

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