John Cheever: 10 quotes on his birthday

John Cheever – the great American novelist and short story writer sometimes known as "Chekhov of the suburbs" – was born and grew up in Massachusetts. At the age of 17 he took the top prize in a Boston Herald short story contest. His short story "The Enormous Radio," about a device that broadcasted what people were saying in a building in New York, prompted New Yorker editor Harold Ross to tell him, "It will turn out to be a memorable one, or I am a fish." Later Cheever novels that met with critical praise included "The Wapshot Scandal" and "Falconer." May 27, 2012, marks the centennial of Cheever's birth. Here, to honor the occasion, are 10 memorable quotes from the author.

1. Art


"Art is the triumph over chaos."

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