7 stories from Andy Cohen's new memoir

In his new memoir 'Most Talkative,' the Bravo executive and host recounts everything from high school to crazy experiences on his talk show.

2. Being above it all at CBS

The CBS building in New York City By Americasroof

Cohen says that when he worked as an intern at CBS, there were several situations in which he acted beyond the bounds of propriety. "One day I was introduced to the newsblock producer and I said, facetiously, 'I think I read about you in 'The Undoing of CBS News,'" Cohen wrote. "And another day, when I was answering phones and someone called us from an affiliate in Spokane, Washington, I asked them if they were number one in ratings. When they said they were, I said – loudly – "We don't know how that feels here!' Then there was the time [reporter] Erin Moriarty gave me some tapes to transcribe, and I, summer intern to this seasoned news reporter, replied, 'I don't transcribe.'... 'Are you kidding me?' [Moriarty said.] 'You do now.' And I did."

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