'Double Time': 6 stories about bringing up twins

First-time parenting? Try it times two. Writer Jane Roper shares her stories from her first three years of mothering twins.

3. Twinlookers


Roper says that if walking around in public with one baby gets you attention, twins get you a sea of questions from people she refers to as "twinlookers." "I was kind of floored by just how much attention we got when we were out and about with the girls," Roper wrote. "The 'twinlookers' generlly fell into two categories: there was the benign and relatively unobtrusive sort – people who would smile fondly and ask a few questions... but then there were the twinlookers who just kept on going." These would ask about everything to whether she breastfed to whether twins ran in the family and even whether Roper and her husband planned to have more children.

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