8 stories from NBC's days of 'Must See TV'

From 'Friends' to 'Seinfeld,' Warren Littlefield delves into the world behind NBC's blockbuster Thursday night comedies in 'Top of the Rock.'

2. 'The Cosby Show'

Moneta Sleet, Jr./Ebony Collection via AP Images

Littlefield remembers realizing how beloved Bill Cosby had become during the first season of 'The Cosby Show' when he was in a car with Cosby. The two were trying to get to Cosby's house for dinner, but had left at rush hour. "I was convinced it would take us forever to get into Manhattan," Littlefield said. "But I was riding with Mr. Bill Cosby, who would lower his window and stick his head out when need be. Almost as if by magic, traffic cones were scooted aside. Police stopped cars and trucks to let us pass.... It was all out of love for Bill. We arrived at his town house in fifteen minutes, just in time for dinner."

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