8 stories from NBC's days of 'Must See TV'

From 'Friends' to 'Seinfeld,' Warren Littlefield delves into the world behind NBC's blockbuster Thursday night comedies in 'Top of the Rock.'

3. 'Seinfeld'


Jerry Seinfeld, whose show had memorably offbeat story lines, said the episode 'The Junior Mint' was a turning point for writing on the show. During the episode, Jerry and Kramer go see an operation and cause a Junior Mint to fall into the patient's open body cavity. "It was a completely preposterous situation," Seinfeld said. "We'd never done anything that implausible.... When we got to that story line and nobody questioned it, the horses were out of the barn. Then Kramer was hitting golf balls into a whale's blowhole, and we were just having fun."

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