8 stories from NBC's days of 'Must See TV'

From former NBC President of Entertainment Warren Littlefield, who oversaw the network during its glory days of its 'Must See TV', comes 'Top of the Rock,' a look at the shows that were catapulted into the pop culture zeitgeist after they became part of NBC's famous Thursday-night lineup. Stars from 'Cheers,' 'Friends,' 'Seinfeld,' 'ER' and others discuss experiences behind the scenes in Littlefield's new book. Here are 8 of the most memorable.

1. 'Cheers'

Reed Saxon/AP

Actor Kelsey Grammer recalled auditioning for the part of Frasier Crane on 'Cheers,' a character introduced the third season who would later get his own spin-off. When he was told he'd be taped for the audition and have the tape sent to those who were in charge of casting the show at NBC, he "went home and found a pair of yellow pants my mother had given me," Grammer said. "I'd never worn them. They were Christian Dior, and I thought, 'This is just what Frasier... would wear.' I went over to the Gulf & Western building in my yellow pants."

Littlefield said he clearly remembers watching Grammer's tape. "Up came Kelsey's face, and we all started laughing when we saw him," he said.

"I don't know if that was a compliment or not," Grammer said. "I thought I looked rather dashing in my yellow pants."

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