5 stories about life in Paris

Author Rosecrans Baldwin dreamed of living in the City of Light, but when he finally did, it wasn't exactly what he expected.

2. Cream and honey


Near the end of the week Baldwin and his wife Rachel had arrived, they encountered two problems: they got bad colds, and their stove broke. A repairman was called for the stove, and the repairman wrote what needed to be done in large block letters for Baldwin: "CRÈME POUR LA PLAQUE." Baldwin was baffled. "I said quietly, 'Where do I find the cream for the plaque?'" Baldwin wrote. "But he'd already walked out." Meanwhile, a friend who lived in the city told them the solution to their colds was honey. "'Make sure you look for the sticker that says the bees are from Paris, that's important,'" the friend told them. After having eaten a lot of Parisian honey, Baldwin and his wife went to a store and got the prescribed cream for the stove. "Turns out the cream worked," Baldin wrote. "Our coils didn't conduct electricity when they lacked moisturizer.... and the same day, just when we couldn't face one more spoonful of honey, our flu vanished. We lived in Paris, Paris being not only the city of milk and honey, but also the city where milk and honey were solutions."

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