'The Presidents' Club': 10 stories about relationships between American presidents

From Truman to Obama, 10 stories of friendships and feuds between US presidents.

2. Truman and Eisenhower

Former presidents Harry Truman (l.) and Dwight D. Eisenhower (r.)

Harry Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower were close friends until Eisenhower ran for president. When he did so, the two men assured one another that no matter what stories were spread during the campaign, their friendship would not be affected. However, when Truman sent an invitation to both Eisenhower and his opponent, Democratic nominee Adlai Stevenson, to be briefed on national security matters, then have lunch at the White House and attend a cabinet meeting, only Stevenson accepted. Eisenhower, instead, telegrammed the White House, saying that communication between himself and Truman "should be only those which are known to all the American people" so he could be free to offer criticism on the current regime and the Democratic party. Truman was not happy, and later misunderstandings, including what Truman viewed as Eisenhower's failure to defend former Secretary of Defense George Marshall from an attack by Senator Joe McCarthy, worsened their relationship. Fences were later mended after Eisenhower left office, when Eisenhower visited Truman to ask for advice on how to design his private library.

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