'Mrs. Kennedy and Me': A Secret Service agent shares his memories

Secret Service agent Clint Hill shares 8 memories of his time with Jacqueline Kennedy in his new book, 'Mrs. Kennedy and Me.'

2. No holidays in the Secret Service


In order to keep the president and first lady safe, Secret Service agents were on a demanding schedule, and either Hill or the other agent assigned to Jacqueline Kennedy needed to be awake at all times when she was awake. Hill was on duty when the Kennedys ate their Thanksgiving dinner and went home late at night, hoping to find leftovers of his own family's dinner in the fridge. He also missed his family's Christmas morning when the Kennedys were in Palm Beach, Fla., which Hill says was difficult. "Fortunately, I was able to use the White House switchboard... to call home occasionally," he writes. "But hearing [son] Chris's little voice on the phone really tugged at my heart."

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