10 stories from Frank Langella about his famous friends

In his new memoir Dropped Names, Frank Langella recalls meetings and friendships with bold-face names.

2. Laurence Olivier


Langella worked with Olivier on the 1979 film "Dracula," in which Langella played the title role and Olivier played Van Helsing. According to Langella, Olivier was friendly but looked after himself first. Langella remembers hearing Olivier practice his lines over and over in his room. "'I did not hear you come in, Count,' he would say over and over again, with the 'Count' slightly extended and broken into two syllables," Langella writes. "And finally, when I entered the scene in which he was to say the line, on camera, months later, he turned to me an said it exactly the way I'd heard it dozens of times coming from his room. He could have been playing the scene opposite the March Hare for all he noticed me, and he was gone the moment his on-camera lines were finished."

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