7 classic fashion mistakes and why we make them

In her new book 'You Are What You Wear,' Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, tells us what our fashion mistakes say about us.

2. Having too many clothes

We've all tried to jam just one more shirt into an already overflowing dresser. Many people cling to clothing items they'll never wear it again, like a ripped T-shirt from the 1980s that would never be worn in public. But if we know we'll never wear something again, why do we keep it? Baumgartner says a few factors can be in play. Some people may think they'll need the item again, while for others it's a question of emotional attachment. They may hate that scarf now, but can't forget that ski trip with a best friend when it was last worn. Others honestly can't decide where to put everything. Still others have problems in other parts of their lives, and while they're dealing with them, they have no time to cope with the clutter. If it's sentimental attachment that's keeping you from throwing clothing out, as is the case for many, Baumgartner suggests taking pictures of the clothing or checking to see if you have photos of the experiences you're remembering fondly. Keeping some items is fine, Baumgartner says, but others have to go.

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