7 classic fashion mistakes and why we make them

In her new book 'You Are What You Wear,' Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, tells us what our fashion mistakes say about us.

3. Getting stuck in a fashion rut


Maybe you're reaching for that same outfit over and over again, or maybe you got home from shopping and realized all the items you bought are the same dark green. Baumgartner says the culprit for a wardrobe rut can be feeling down in other aspects of your life. Because you don't feel great, your clothes are reflecting that. For others, it can be a comfort factor in the predictability of a monochrome clothing selection. Change is essential, says Baumgartner, to keep yourself feeling upbeat and get a feeling of novelty in your life. She suggests adding contrast – for example, a gold belt and gold shoes with an all-black outfit – and buying a statement piece that you know you'll want to wear over and over again, like bright heels.

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