6 memories of growing up as a Romany Gypsy

In 'Gypsy Boy,' writer Mikey Walsh recalls growing up as part of England's Romany Gypsy community.

2. Romany Gypsies don't believe in curses

Romany Gypsies in Russia in 1865

Walsh says that while Romany Gypsies are superstitious – and do accept beliefs such as the good luck of black cats and horseshoes or the tradition that a bird flying into a home is a sign of death – they do not believe in curses. A "curse" put on a non-Romany Gypsy is often nothing more than an attempt to get that person to purchase something from the Romany Gypsy, says Walsh. He says he's often been asked to remove a curse from someone, because people believe that only another Romany Gypsy has the power to do so. He says that he always agrees that he will, just to give the other person peace of mind.

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