6 stories from a veteran flight attendant

In 'Cruising Attitude,' flight attendant Heather Poole shares stories from her years in the air.

3. One experienced passenger helped them out


While on probation for their first six months, Poole and the other new flight attendants were required to wear their skirts a half-inch above their knees – a rule that more experienced flight attendants tended to ignore once probation was over. So one glance at their longer hemlines meant that their co-workers knew they were new at the job. One first-class passenger even realized that Poole and her fellow flight attendant were new and so decided to help them out with their duties. The passenger picked up glasses and gave back coats to the other passengers. "The passengers gave him a round of applause," Poole writes. "We, the crew, slid him a bottle of wine."

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