Ali Wentworth: 8 stories from an inside-the-Beltway childhood

From her new memoir 'Ali in Wonderland,' the actress and comedian shares memories of her Washington D.C. upbringing and later life as a wife and mother.

2. Henry Kissinger was not impressed by her song-and-dance routine


At Wentworth's stepfather's 60th birthday party, Wentworth made an appearance singing "Animal Crackers" à la Shirley Temple. "I couldn't make out any faces, with one exception," Wentworth writes. "Henry Kissinger watched me chasse, grand jeté, and pas de bourrée.... without even the hint of a smile. He stared me down with an expression borrowed from the evil child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.... There was enthusiastic applause from the crowd and erratic clapping from Kissinger (he looked more like he was trying to kill a mosquito)."

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