'Downton Abbey': 10 highlights from the new book

British TV series 'Downton Abbey' took America by storm when it aired on PBS last January. Season 2's coming this Sunday, but late last year, Jessica Fellowes (niece of series creator Julian Fellowes) wrote a book about the 'Downton Abbey' characters, the estate they live on, and the real-life facts that inspired this story of aristocrats and the servants who wait on them. Here are 10 highlights from Fellowes' new book. (The book has some Season 2 spoilers, but don't worry – none will be revealed here.)

1. It takes many kitchen maids to make one Daisy

By Pam Fray

In the series, meek Daisy is the sole assistant to crotchety cook Mrs. Patmore. "In a house this size, there would normally be a scullery maid, who did the washing up; a vegetable maid, who prepared the vegetables; and a stillroom maid who did the baking," creator Julian Fellowes says in the book. "For the purposes of narration, we amalgamated several maids' jobs into one for Daisy."

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