6 alternate-history novels

You've heard of the butterfly effect: If one small event is different, all of history is changed forever. And it's a game people have loved to play for decades. What if the South had won the Civil War? What if Hitler had won World War II? What if Europe hadn't lasted beyond the Black Plague? Stephen King's new novel "11/22/63" imagines what would have happened if President Kennedy had lived beyond 1963, but he's not the first to rearrange history. Here's six novels that explore a slightly alternate version of very familiar events.

1. "11/22/63," by Stephen King

The horror author's new novel tells the story of Jake Epping, who is let in on the secret of a time-travel portal inside a local diner by its dying owner. The owner, Al, asks Epping to go back in time and complete one very important task – stop President Kennedy from being shot.

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