5 tales of true love, complete with family complications

5 romance reads for November recommended by Barnes and Noble

4. "The Very Virile Viking," by Sandra Hill


The hero of The Very Virile Viking is a Viking named Magnus Ericsson who lives in the Norselands around 999. That is, until his longship shows up in a fake lake (complete with a wave machine) in Hollywood, in clear sight of a movie director searching for a new male lead for his Viking-esque feature. Angela Abruzzi, meanwhile, is desperately juggling a job as a real estate agent to the rich and famous, a failing vineyard, and a possible movie location deal with the aforementioned director. Not only does she curl her lip at the first sight of Magnus and his broadsword, but his boatload of children appalls her. But she succumbs to the director's bribery and lures Magnus and the children to her vineyard so that Magnus can become a movie star. Magnus, on the other hand, has all the arrogance of a medieval Norseman, which includes an unfortunate tendency to address Angela as "wench." "The Very Virile Viking" offers laugh-aloud, sexy silliness, and a very sweet love affair between polar opposites.

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