5 tales of true love, complete with family complications

5 romance reads for November recommended by Barnes and Noble

3. "Beauty Dates the Beast," by Jessica Sims

The family complication in debut author Jessica Sims's Beauty Dates the Beast stems from the fact that the heroine's sister Sara tends to sprout fur when she gets upset: in short, she's a rogue werewolf, hiding her furry tendencies from other local shape-shifters. Bathsheba, meanwhile, is an entirely normal human, who happens to work for a dating agency that caters to the paranormal crowd. Employees – especially humans – are strictly forbidden to date the agency's clients … but what's a girl to do when a super powerful were-cougar demands that she produce the date he was promised? Bathsheba tries reasoning with Beau Russell, leader of the were-cougar clan, to no avail. She ends up going on that date herself. If Beau finds out, Sara will be handed off to a voracious, and short-on-females, werewolf clan. Bathsheba will do anything to protect her little sister – as Beau discovers, along with the disconcerting realization that she's the one person in the world whom he can't bend to his will.

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