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Once again, Batman, the Green Lantern, and Superman all meet for the first time.

"Justice League #1": a new start for DC Comics

With today’s release of "Justice League #1," DC Comics launches a bold initiative to restart its superhero comics lines with "The New 52."

Today is a big day in comic book land. Starting today – in a bid to attract newer, younger readers – DC Comics is re-setting the clock for 52 of its super-hero comic book lines. As of today, all 52 are starting over with #1 – beginning with "Justice League #1."

"Justice League #1" introduces us to a world that has never heard of "superheroes." Batman (who has been working in hiding) is busy tracking a nefarious character when he meets for the first time Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern. The two immediately set to bickering and then join forces – which is when they meet up with a certain caped Kryptonian.

Yes, this is yet another reimagining of the origin of the DC universe’s premier super team. Is this really a good idea, you ask? Well the objective of "the New 52" is to start the line over, washing away years of continuity and characters, in hopes that a new generation of readers will take note. As part of the same initiative to lure members of the wireless generation, DC Comics is also making digital copies of the comics available on the same day the print versions are released.

For "Justice League #1," DC has brought out their big-guns creative team with writer Geoff Johns and artist Jim Lee. Together they have created an action-packed opening to DC’s brave new world as they slowly introduce us to the soon-to-be teammates.

We will have to wait and see if fans think that new is necessarily better and whether or not they embrace "The New 52." But for now all readers who like their heroes super are advised to check out "Justice League #1."

Rich Clabaugh is a Monitor staff artist.

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