5 fascinating World War II novels

Like moths to a flame, authors are drawn to the drama, heroism, and horror of stories of war. World War II is no exception. Here is a collection of five fascinating novels about the war fought by what we now honor as "the greatest generation."

1. The Girl in the Blue Beret, by Bobbie Ann Mason

The Girl in the Blue Beret, by Bobbie Ann Mason, Random House, 368 pp.

Mason's newest novel is inspired by her father-in-law's experiences during World War II. Her protagonist, Marshall Stone, reflects on being shot down as an Allied fighter pilot in Occupied Europe. Marshall was saved from the German troops through an underground railroad of sorts and smuggled back to his base in England by citizens mounting a quiet rebellion against Hitler's army. Years later, Marshall returns to Europe to find out what happened to the ordinary people who saved his life, especially the Parisian girl in the blue beret.

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