Top 8 books about horses

Horses have captured our imaginations, as children and adults, for centuries. Here are eight great reads about horses, both fiction and non-fiction, that will keep you entertained all summer long.

7. King of the Wind: the Story of the Godolpin Arabian, by Marguerite Henry

King of the Wind: the Story of the Godolphin Arabian, by Marguerite Henry, Aladdin, 176 pp.

Everyone knows what a Thoroughbred horse is: the famous, lightning-fast horses we see on race tracks. But not everyone knows that those all Thoroughbreds are descended from a handful of Arabian horses, including Sham, the star of "King of the Wind." Sham was sent from the Middle East to England as a gift, and considered worthless for most of his life, but his underdog story will worm its way into your heart.

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