5 signs that e-books are here to stay

If e-books were the new family on the block in 2010, they’re putting down roots and settling in for good in 2011. Here are five reasons why you can be sure that e-books are here to stay.

1. Amazon sells more e-books than paperback or hardcover books.

Amazon's customers now buy more e-books than either hardbacks or paperbacks.

That’s right, in late January Amazon announced that sales of Kindle e-books are outpacing paperback sales. For every 100 paperbacks sold in 2010, Amazon sold 115 Kindle e-books. Kindle e-books had already started outselling hardcover books in July 2010 (for every 100 hardcover books, Amazon said it sold 143 e-books). That means e-books are the most popular format on Amazon, one of the biggest booksellers in the country.

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