Bestselling audiobooks in the English-speaking world

Amid all the hype about e-readers, let's not forget audiobooks, an alternative to traditional print that’s been around since vinyl records. Here are some of the audiobook titles now topping bestseller lists in the English-speaking world.

1. In the United States

Although iTune’s chart of top-selling audiobooks in the US does include some of the more obvious candidates – Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium" trilogy and Stephen King’s latest, “Full Dark, No Stars,” among them – there are also a few less-expected titles on the list:

Talk Less, Say More: Three Habits to Influence Others and Make Things Happen,” a business communication book by Connie Dieken is a favorite among audiobooks. Dieken, a former broadcast news anchorwoman, also narrates the book in which she propagates and coaches brief, clear messaging.

Back in 2007, David Baldacci, famed writer of legal thrillers, mixed it up with “Wish You Well.” This captivating family drama, set in the Virginia mountains circa 1940, won critical acclaim three years ago, and seems to resonate with audiobook listeners today.

The classic of ancient military stratagem, “The Art of War,” is frequently among the top 10 most popular audiobooks on iTunes. Estimated to have been written in the 6th century BC by Chinese Gen. Sun Tzu, the text is perhaps one of the oldest and most successful works of all time. Some contemporary readers – and listeners – say they apply its timeless tactics to modern business management.

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