Bestselling audiobooks in the English-speaking world

4. In Australia

Bestselling audiobooks “down under” appear to be a sampling of favorite listens from other English-speaking countries. British comedian Michael Fry’s autobiography is big there, as is Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’s “Life.” However, seemingly unique to the Australian list is the large presence of children’s literature.

Some of the children's audiobooks currently selling best in Australia include:

Julia Donaldson’s 2005 picture book “The Gruffalo” has drawn comparisons to the Maurice Sendak classic “Where the Wild Things Are.” "The Gruffalo" is the story of a vulnerable but clever mouse who invents a fearsome “gruffalo” monster to scare off a fox he meets in the woods. Though the book loses something essential in the audio version – the wonderful illustrations of Axel Scheffler – it leaves much up to the imagination for children and adults alike.

Interactive children’s audiobook “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” comes out a sales winner as well. Makers of the recording have added songs, games, and activities to the original read-along classic.

Classic kids' books “The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor” by Joanna Cole and Eric Carle’s “The Very Busy Spider” also top the list.

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