What book reviewers are saying this week


MADAME DE STAEL: The First Modern Woman
By Francine du Plessix Gray / Atlas & Co.
“Francine du Plessix Gray does a marvelous job in  ‘Madame de Staël,’ filling us in on the French Revolution as though it were (almost) easy to understand, recognizing de Staël’s faults (delusions of grandeur, mostly), while steadfastly commending her talents, her sweet nature, her generosity. I loved this book!” – CAROLYN SEE, The Washington Post
By G. Willow Wilson and M.K. Perker / Vertigo
“Cairo the city holds many secrets for foreigners. ‘Cairo’ the graphic novel isn’t so obtuse; it puts some of those secrets out there for all to see and uses them to kick off a story that is part mythology, part social commentary and part full-blown adventure.”
JOHN HOGAN, Bookreporter.com

TRIED BY WAR: Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief
By James M. McPherson / Penguin Press
“It is hard to do justice in a short review to how convincingly and compellingly McPherson narrates Lincoln’s simultaneous mastery of the political, strategic and moral challenge of his historical moment.”
TIMOTHY RUTTEN, The Los Angeles Times

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