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RECLAIMING CONSERVATISM: How a Great American Political Movement Got Lost – and How It Can Find Its Way Back

By Mickey Edwards / Oxford University

"...Edwards doesn't see much principle among today's conservatives. He doesn'teven see much conservatism."

– RICK PERLSTEIN, The Washington Post


By Alison Weir / Ballantine Books

"Intrigue and maneuverings. Scandal. Schemers and innocents put to death. The history of Tudor England is an engrossing story...." – CAROL DEPTOLLA, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

THE Prince of Frogtown

By Rick Bragg / Knopf

"Rick Bragg's 'The Prince of Frogtown' is billed as the end of a trilogy.... The first, 'All Over But the Shoutin,' ' ... a tribute to his long-suffering mother ... walked that fine line between funny and sad. The second, 'Ava's Man,' also excellent, was about a grandfather he never knew. The third ... about his father, a figure he had pretty much dismissed as a mean drunk ... is powerful, darker than the others, but it has a sweetness.... – DIANE HARTMAN, The Denver Post

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