Frequently Asked Questions

The Christian Science Monitor Weekly Edition Re-design

Q: Did you incorporate reader feedback into the re-design?

A: Absolutely. We had the benefit of nearly three years of subscriber surveys. Over time we had begun to see patterns. Interestingly, readers often pointed to what we already saw as our core strength – an explanatory approach to global news, with front-line reporting – and asked for more.

Q: What are the new dimensions of the weekly edition?

A: The new page size will be 9” wide by 10.875” in height, smaller than the current page size of 10” wide and 12” in height. The regular issues will still remain 48 pages in length and the font size will remain the same.

Q: Why did you create a new cover for the weekly edition?

A: We wanted to distinguish the weekly edition’s magazine style and its purpose as a weekly package of top news and feature reporting. Identifying the weekly edition specifically also helps to differentiate it from other news products we offer (e.g. Daily News Briefing,

Q: Is the weekly edition cutting the number of pages per issue?

A: No. While the weekly edition’s page size is getting smaller, the length issue is staying the same. We have also re-designed the layout and selection of content inside based on extensive reader feedback to ensure we are including what readers want the most. We are optimizing the weekly edition to give you a product that delivers the best Monitor reporting, hand-picked by our editors, providing the same depth and perspective we’ve offered for more than a century.

Q: What new editorial features have been included in the re-design of the weekly edition?

A: The most exciting innovation grew naturally out of our need to operate with more efficiency. Our new eight-page One Week section selects the best of a week’s Monitor reporting online – hundreds of stories – and packages it in ways that add context and meaning. It’s energetic, a broad survey. There are other places in the issue to dive even deeper into the news. And throughout the publication the old section borders between World and US news fall away to connect the whole story.

Q: What editorial features are exclusive to the weekly edition?

A: First in print, we have In Pictures, our popular center spread with visual storytelling from our photo department. Next, we have a set of deep-dive, long-form reported stories in what we’re calling the Focus section. Then come cover stories, which will also still typically appear first in the weekly edition.

Q: How much will the re-designed weekly edition cost?

A: There is no price increase tied to the new design. The single-issue cover price for the weekly edition in print is $4.00, the same as it has been since 2011. The weekly digital edition is $4.99 per month, and includes access from a PC, laptop or tablet.

Q: Are you downsizing the size of the weekly edition to cut costs?

A: The new page size and re-design of features within the weekly edition are in direct response to reader feedback. A smaller size (with the same font size and number of pages) is expected to also cut production costs.

Q: Is the weekly digital edition changing?

A: At this time, the weekly digital edition consists of a PDF version of our weekly edition, available to read on your PC, laptop, iPad or other tablet. All of the new design and content changes in the weekly edition in print will be reflected in the weekly digital edition. Interactive features within the weekly digital edition currently include the ability to preview and shift between stories easily using menu shortcuts, as well as the ability to link directly to web addresses listed in advertisements and stories when a wireless internet connection is available.