Reprints for Christian Science churches and reading rooms

Last updated: March 10, 2022

The Christian Science Monitor ("Monitor") hereby gives blanket permission to Christian Science branch churches and societies listed in The Christian Science Journal ("branch churches") to reprint in their local newspapers the text only (no images) of the Monitor's daily “A Christian Science Perspective” articles (“Articles”) on the following conditions.

1. This blanket permission applies only to branch churches, and only to the text of the Articles

The Articles can be found online at This permission does not apply to any other Monitor articles, or to any other uses of the Articles, all of which are governed by the Monitor's Permissions Guidelines, available at This permission also does not include using any images that may appear with the Articles or translating the Articles; please contact us at to inquire about translations.

2. The Articles are reprinted only in local newspapers, and on the websites of such local newspapers to the extent that the newspaper posts its print content online

Branch churches will request that any online posting include a "live link" to Branch churches interested in posting Articles on websites not affiliated with their local newspaper are asked to instead post links to the Articles on, in accordance with the Monitor’s linking Guidelines, available at

3. This permission covers using the Articles as paid ads for Christian Science branch churches, as well as submission to the newspaper's religion section

In either context, a Christian Science branch church may include appropriate information enabling readers to identify the branch church and learn about its services, hours, location, etc.

4. Branch churches should not editorialize about the Articles, or otherwise edit them

However, where an Article contains a reference to Mary Baker Eddy which does not make sense in the context of reprinting in a paper other than the Monitor, that reference may be edited to make sense in the new context. For example, Articles sometimes refer to Mary Baker Eddy with a phrase such as "the founder of this paper." While this is correct when printed in the Monitor, it would be incorrect when reprinted elsewhere. In such cases, an appropriate edit might read "the founder of The Christian Science Monitor" or “the discoverer of Christian Science.”

5. In all cases, proper credit must be given

Credit must substantially be in the form of: "© YEAR The Christian Science Monitor ( Reprinted with permission." The "YEAR" should be replaced with the year of the Monitor's publication of the specific Article being reprinted. As mentioned in Section 2. above, we ask that any online posting include a "live link" to

6. Republication of some Articles is limited to those published in the Monitor within the prior month

This is because some of the Articles are intended to be timely in relation to current events in the news, so we would appreciate it if those articles are only republished while they are still "news-worthy", usually within approximately a month following initial publication in the Monitor. Other Articles are not related to specific events in the news and may be reprinted at any time up to two years from the original publication in the Monitor. If an Article older than two years seems particularly appropriate, please get in touch with us at

7. Please let us know

We’d love to know when you reprint an Article, and particularly about any feedback resulting from this activity. Please email us at